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…No, I am not about to pull a Rejection Queen and start sarcastically dissecting (and whinging about) any rejections I may receive as I embark yet again on The Great Agent Quest. Even a form R is a fairly polite thing, after all, and a non-form R is a wonderful thing, if someone bothers to take the time to tell you what they think you’re doing wrong. It’s not always easy to remember that when you get one on your Glorious Creation, but it’s pretty much always true. This business is not for the thin-skinned.

(Google “rejection queen” if you don’t know what I’m referring to up there. You’ll be entertained and appalled.)

No, I’ve decided as long as this process lasts I might as well entertain myself. So I’ve gone and started a new Friday blog tradition: making up rejection letters for random things. I got this idea because I wrote one the other day and, as sometimes happens (but not nearly as often as I would like) I thought I was funny. So, rejection the first, from my own metabolism:

Dear Human,

Thank you for your query. Unfortunately while I enjoyed the suspenseful nature of the cardio and weight training circuit and I think your Pilates class has great promise, your revised use of starches and carbs do not resonate with me as I had hoped, and I am afraid I am going to pass at this time.

Please don’t take this as commentary on your efforts. I’m sure another metabolism would feel differently.

Best of luck with your diet.

Stuck in 2nd Gear

Feel free to write your own. πŸ™‚