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Skipped a day of posts there, due to gallbladder misery and a desire to get through as much of this MS as I could in one fell swoop.

And all I have to say about that is, there was swoopage, but very little felling of any sort took place. I do not arrive victorious.

In other words, I am halfway through, and OW.

The little table in my office (which actualy moonlights as the top of the dog kennel) looks like an abattoir for squids. I’ve stopped trying to keep the pages in perfect order: I get through a scene and move on, then remember something I need to cut or add on recently-slaughtered page x that relates to currently-being-murdured page y and everything goes flying. Her Dogginess has abandoned ship for the duration: she won’t even come in here if I bait her with people food. She just lounges in the doorway blinking her big accusing eyes, trying to figure out what I did with the floor and the furniture. It’s clear she disapproves greatly.

Her Dogginess, refusing to get involved

It looks like we were invaded by a horde of scribes on shrooms in here, all of them trying to replicate Kubla Khan. I mean, wow. I’m not even doing an MS pic today: it’s just too graphic.

The hilarious part is the last scene I inked all over was my MC, a Bard, waking up to realize his room was covered in scribbled-on paper and spilled ink and wondering where the furniture went.


This is gonna take a while. Damn you, Holly Lisle.