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I needed to take a break from this wholesale slaughter of words. I just got home from a fairly long day of scrambling, as is the usual Thursday work routine (what is it about Thursdays? Monday is quiet by comparison), and I’m feeling crampy and slightly snarly and rather like somebody whacked me in the right side with a mallet, which in gallbladder-speak means shouldn’t have eaten those crackers darlin’, we’re going to be revisiting them the whooooole night while you try to sleep, bwahahaha.

And I have a family birthday party to go to, wherein much good looking/smelling/tasting food will be available for me to mournfully stare at while I eat microwaved brown rice, hold the anything-that-makes-it-taste-better-than-cardboard, please, and somebody bring me a water, on the rocks.

In other, much shorter, words, Dear Reader, I am whiny, and nothing of great significance is getting done tonight. So I wandered over to YouTube to perk myself up a bit as I still have to act like a human for a few more hours, and you know what I found?

It perked me up, all right: I hate that song (the original, I mean). It gets stuck in my head for days on end every time I hear it, until chewing my own forearm off to get away from the sound seems perfectly reasonable, except it’s in my head, and I can’t chew that off. If you haven’t seen/heard the original and you’re in for some torture, it’s here.

This video deserves every single one of those four and a half stars, and the last measly half a star too. I kind of gave up on Alanis Morissette sometime between high school and college, but I may have to give her another shot, because this is brilliant. And I’m probably the last to know about it, but I don’t care.