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Well, I kind of skipped a few posts there –all right, all right, about a week’s worth. Sorry. It’s 80 degrees in June in Maine: I know I should be worrying about global climate change, or whatever we’re calling it now, but after last year’s 5 measly days of summer this is heaven, and I’m spending every free moment of it outside enjoying myself.

Not the best excuse, as I have a laptop, but give a girl some time to adjust. πŸ™‚

Anyway. It’s that time again. You know what I’m talking about.

Dear Human,

Thank you for your wardrobe submission. I find the premise interesting and certainly original, and I think you have some talent for color combinations — but your choice of Bermuda shorts and floral print camisole felt forced to me, and paired with the Birkenstock sandals the effect was less than impressive. To be honest I think that it would take more time and effort than I can currently afford to invest to bring your appearance to a level of style that I feel would be presentable. You need to work much harder on your pairing of button-down shirts and capris, and I think a complete overhaul of your shoe closet is in order. Do you have a friend or two who can take you shopping? I think honest feedback early in the process would help you a great deal.

That said, I did enjoy the earrings and the belt, and if you are willing to work on the things I mentioned I’d be happy to look at a revised outfit at a later date.

Best of luck,

The Style Police