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…Yeah, that about covers it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Which is not to say it’s nice here in the Great State of Eternal Flooding. We’re thoroughly waterlogged and all pausing for a 1.3-million-strong collective sob every time that weird ball of fire has a tiny, plot-irrelevant, my-cousin-can’t-act-but-he-really-wanted-to-be-in-a-movie-can-you-put-him-in-the-angry-mob-scene cameo in the sky. In other words, it’s spring, and we hope summer gets here fast.

The only good thing about weather like this is I don’t have many excuses for not writing. Yardwork would be like a one-woman mud-wrestling contest: The Writer Vs. The Poor Footing. I’m hardly about to go for a bike ride. Spring cleaning…well, any reason to avoid that is a good one, really: rain will do. Even Her Dogginess refuses to go for walks in this.

So here I am, with plenty of after-work time on my hands and the plot of a sequel screeching in my ears, and what do I do?

Well, I’ve caught up on House MD. I’m working on Fringe. Also I’m trying to learn to play the Game of Thrones theme on the keyboard, a fairly laughable effort so far, but I’ll get there eventually. I sewed a few loose buttons back onto my favorite coat.

Oh, and I’ve written scenes for two other WsIP, because that’s pretty much how I roll at the beginning of Any. Freaking. Book. I don’t know why, but the moment I lock in on something, I get wonderful ideas for something else. It’s my brain’s version of comedic timing, I guess.

So I’m floating at the moment โ€“ forward progress, and a decent amount of it, but spread between projects it doesn’t look like a lot. I am, however, enjoying myself, and after a year of letting this industry get me a bit down followed by a wildly-focused month of rediscovering what it feels like to write what I love, I’ve decided that’s what matters. If I’m not having fun, there’s not much point.

What is everyone else working on?