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Yes, I skipped a few weeks there, didn’t I? Sorry.

Dear Aspiring SFX Makeup Artist (I assume),

Thank you for your interest. Sadly, while I do appreciate the obvious amount of effort you put into the blending of various shades of eyeshadow and I think your lipstick choice has some promise, I don’t feel that you’ve come anywhere near achieving smoky eyes, nor do I believe that your purple mascara is something I could successfully stand behind.

If I may make a suggestion, it might be useful for you to remember that you are no longer a college student nor are you a spandex-wearing superhero, and it is not Halloween.

And hey, best of luck with your eyeliner.

-Your Mirror

In other, more writing-related news, I did manage a small amout of forward motion and had a minor emotional-story-arc revelation last night while driving home (and if you’re reading this, person driving the blue Santa Fe that I almost plowed into, I’m really sorry about that) — and suddenly I feel like I might have a grip on this story. Not a particularly firm one yet, but at least a little bit of direction, and a slightly blurry vision of a few key scenes in that al-important arc without which I has no story.

So yay.

And last but not least, I thought I’d warn you all that Her Dogginess has decided she should be allowed to post here as well, so you may see something fairly odd next week. Just don’t blame me for it: I’m not allowed to do anything but check her spelling.