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Good morning world! It’s FRIDAY, I got an awesome pair of boots last night for much cheap, and tomorrow is our housewarming party, which I am not remotely ready for at this particular moment in time.

And all of that is irrelevant (if cheering), because it’s Rejection Friday once again, and my hair has something to say.

Dear Human,

Thank you for submitting your work; I appreciate your thinking of me. It’s obvious you put a lot of time and effort into your blow-drying technique, and I find the headbanging motions combined with finger-combing to be particularly effective and also nicely comedic.ย  That said I feel that your use of Redken products is overdone, and it would take a great deal of work to get your dark roots and split ends to an acceptable state, and so I am afraid I am going to have to pass at this time.

Remember that this business is subjective, and another, less “flippy” haircut may feel differently. Please feel free to query me with other hairstyles.

Best of luck in your styling.



So, this week I am taking suggestions, because while there are plenty of things in my life that reject me on a regular basis (I have a running list, in fact), I’m sure I won’t be able to think of them all. Help a girl out. What other things deserve their very own rejection letter?