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Well, my writing break has run on long enough, I’d say.

I say this not because 4-plus weeks off seems completely unreasonable, or because I’m in a huge hurry to finish the Next Big Thing, but because 1) I feel so incredibly weird without that part of my daily schedule that I find myself picking apart other pieces of it, wondering what’s missing, and 2) I distinctly recall that writing is a nice distraction from the endless waiting that is de rigeur in the querying business.

(No, I’m not sure I used that phrase quite right either, but I’m leaving it in anyway. So there.)

So here I am again, staring at my Projects folder, which is brimful of goodies I was desperately excited about writing… when I was writing WEAVE, that is.

Now that I can have my pick of any of them and all the time I want to get it outlined, spreadsheeted, and filled out, my fickle brain keeps going meh every time I open one. And I know these are good ideas, or at least I suspect they could be. Hell, one of them  I was writing while I wrote WEAVE, for at least a little while (before my head threatened to explode from switching between MCs and worlds, that is) — and damn, it was hard to let it go. At the time.

Now I open that file and it seems about as interesting as a box of stale cereal.


I know better than this. I’m fairly certain once I get into it, whatever it is, I’ll remember why I was excited in the first place.

But first I have to pick one. Blargh.


ETA: Woah: it’s been a long time since I looked at my blog without being logged in. And I just noticed that Google Ads have helpfully tacked on something for T@te Publ!shing at the bottom of this post. Please note, anybody who may have wondered, that I definitely IN NO WAY endorse them  –nor any other ad that happens to pop up on here, for that matter. In fact, I suggest you read more about T@te here, here, and here.

Informed is forearmed, peoples. 🙂