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…Yes, there is one. Actually there are several, and I’m not even counting the possibility of getting an agent, which is a pretty major bonus if you can pull it off.

I’m still in the squinty-eyed, stumbling, oh-god-where’s-my-coffee phase of the morning, so I shall stop trying to be clever and just list them:

Upside the first: I no longer feel guilty about taking a month-or-so break from writing. I’m still doing something productive here, something that requires plenty of my attention and that still feels like forward motion.

Upside the second: I have a very decent and somewhat concise synopsis now. Querying makes you get organized about your book.

Upside the third: I read three books and got into two new TV shows this weekend. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to relax and enjoy those forms of entertainment.

Upside the fourth: feedback from professionals. As I said in my last post, even a short rejection is a beautiful thing if it gives you a reason why. And a request is just altogether lovely.

Upside the fifth: it’s fun. Yes, really. Even when you get stomped on (gently, and professionally), it’s still fun. I don’t really get much out of gambling, but what I get out of this is much like what I expect some people get out of playing roulette: there’s a certain thrill in putting yourself out there and waiting to see what happens.

Anyway. I am feeling all positive and upbeat this Monday morning, as you can see. Here’s hoping it lasts. πŸ™‚