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…Appropriate title for a post-Super Bowl Monday, no? I’m surprised I’ve never used it before.

As I’m writing this my FB wall is blowing up with howls-with-lots-of-capital-Os from Pats fans and howls-with-lots-of-exclamation-points from Giants fans, so I guess I know who just won.

Good thing I don’t care about football. 🙂  

Dear Readers, I’ve put in 10K in the last 6 days, and ohdamn does it feel good. To be working on something I love, to be working on something I believe I can sell… to be working at all, really, because forward motion on a project you don’t feel both of the above-mentioned things for can often feel more like marking time than working.

And yes, this feels like work: I know this story and these characters inside out, but anybody who has ever taken a plot apart and put it back together prettier can tell you, it’s still all elbow grease and smoking neurons. But it’s the difference between the minimum-wage drudge you take to pay the bills while you look for something better and the job where you wake up in the morning thinking about what you’re going to do that day and how much it will rock. I’m definitely having the latter experience right now. Enough so that I decided it was worth it to put the calling-cards back up on the blog, so if you want to read a teeny excerpt from my DreamJob book, it’s there.

Don’t all crowd in that direction at once, now.