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…Only this time with less whinging about how busy I’ve been, yes? Sure, I’ve been busy. Everybody‘s busy, though. There probably aren’t many people who could say actually, I didn’t have a thing to do in 2011, I’ve just been lazing around watching ER reruns — but if you’re out there, rare writing adult with nothing at all to do, call me: apparently I could use a ghost blogger.

In any case, I had time to blog, I just didn’t. Partially because I’ve been waffling my way through several writing projects and the lack of a coherent plan made other kinds of writing –namely this– seem like way too much work. Partially because the whole industry seems to have had a mental breakdown in the last year, and I’ve been watching it sort itself out, trying to figure out where I might fit into the new thing publishing is making of itself right now. (If you’re curious, no: I still have no clue. I’m consoling myself with the fact that I seem to be in good company there.) And partially (probably mostly) because it’s just as easy to form a non-habit as it is to form an actual habit, and I knew that, so when I decided to take a few months off this past summer, I probably should have expected that it would stretch out for just exactly as long as I let it.

There are probably several lessons about a writing schedule hidden in that paragraph, and I can only hope I take them. 😛

Anyway, filling you in on the last 6 months or so would be hopeless, so I’ll just give the highlights:

I was Elvis for Halloween (zombie Elvis, actually)




I was a bit tipsy for New Year’s



And I went to Russia, which was the awesomest of awesomes.

And, you know, I guess I also wrote. A bit. 😉

So what’s going on with everyone?