(Although, re-reading the last 2K words, readyaimfire might be more appropriate.)

So not only am I going to beta projects, participate in a writing prompt with friends, and, gods help me, write 50,000 words before December 1st, I am also going to somehow attempt to blog on a semi regular basis.


Because I am crazy like that.

Aside from secretly (or not secretly, as I’m announcing it here) telling myself that having this many balls in the air is a ready excuse should I not-so-miraculously fail at all of them, because preparing to fail is just so much fun… I’m trying to remember something else, a mantra my crazy bunch of of amazing writer friends have made tee-shirt worthy.

Are you ready for it?

~I give myself permission to write utter poo.~

NaNoers, remember this one. If your inner editor is even half as loud as mine, writing 50,000 words in 30 days is kind of like trying to win a marathon while picking up every visible piece of litter you pass on the roadside. Unless you shut your eyes, hold your nose, and aim for the finish line, it just ain’t gonna happen.

So I’m trying, while I rest on my 2K wordcount laurels on on this mildly caffeinated eve of Day One, to remember that chances are good a lot of what I put down over the next 30 days will be crap. I’m trying to forget that I might one day want to see this project in print, or just to re-read it later on without wondering what sort of medication I was on. The point of this isn’t publication, or perfection, or even moderately-acceptable-first-draft: it’s just to write. Which is something I’ve struggled with in recent months: so I think, if I can pull this off, that it will be good for me.

Good luck to y’all. Here’s hoping my head doesn’t explode. 🙂