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…I was going to go with gap –it’s more succinct– but then I realized I’d just end up getting a thousand hits from people innocently shopping for jeans online. (Which is better than people innocently shopping for sex toys online: the one time I included the word d!ld0 in a post, purely in an illustrative capacity…well, lets just say I’m still getting a respectable number of daily hits off that, and no doubt the people who land on my show vs. tell discussion are a wee bit disappointed when they end up here.)

Anyway. Gap: breach, disagreement, discontinuity, hiatus, interruption, lull, void.

*cough* I do love my synonyms.

This pretty much covers where I am now in revisions. Rewriting SWORD as a YA has been, for the most part, fun even if it’s already taken twice as long as I expected. I like projects, goals are useful, and trying something new is always interesting. Also, I love this book, and I am (if I do say so myself) making some fairly significant improvements to something I already thought was pretty damn good.

Nevertheless, there are those moments. I think they crop up in any revision process, be it the book you just finished or the one that’s been sitting on the shelf for x number of years– but this moment is starting to be an hour. I think I’m covering every one of the above synonyms.

There’s plenty of disagreement and discontinuity happening right now: the scene I’m working on was already, to my mind, pitch-perfect. It’s just not YA, which means it has to be rewritten, but getting my stubborn subconscious on board with that plan is kind of like herding a pack of tripping cats: there are a thousand distractions, some of which might actually be real.

Hiatus, interruption, lull — well. See above reference to cats on psychotropics. Suffice to say I’m not really moving at the moment.

Void: that would be the spot where my brain used to be, I guess. 🙂

And the most literal one, breach. The space between where I am and where I want to be. I have a fair idea how I want this part of the book to turn out, I’m just struggling with the process of making that happen. So I read (and re-read) my crazy spreadsheet and the scenes in question; I drink too much coffee, I buy YA books and pick through the mechanics of voice and structure, waiting (hoping) for that click moment, when the ship sails, or the plane takes off, or the parachute billows open, or, well, pick your metaphor. Sometimes you just have to wait yourself out, I guess. I can only hope that this works the way this usually works for me, and that after letting my brain do its thing I’ll trip over the solution one day while I’m writing emails, or describing my new haircut to somebody, or making garlic naan. Who knows?

For the nonce, I’ll just try to keep in mind that breach can also be fish leaping out of the water.