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Well, as usual, my 30 days is more like 90 days, but I’m getting there. πŸ™‚

Back from yet another internetless hiatus (which, alas, is only partially to blame for the total lack of blog posts last week: I’m too easily distracted lately) — this time in Texas for a (non-writing related) conference. And what did I do?

I brought snow with me.

Really. To Austin, Texas.

Anybody who has ever traveled west with me knows it was indeed likely my fault this happened: it’s just what I do. I think I’d have to go in the dead heat of August to actually get warm weather.

Anyway, so I guess that’s my accomplishment for the Year of the Rabbit. Onto the meme:

16. Do you write romantic relationships? How do you do with those, and how β€œfar” are you willing to go in your writing?

wait! we're supposed to be solving crime right now!

Well, relationships of the clothes-removing variety don’t play a huge part in my books, but neither are they absent. Just not really very central: I’ve got two romances in SWORD, three in SONG, and one in WEAVE, and they definitely each deserve a small subplot of their own, but the story would go on without them, if it had to. It would, admittedly, go on a bit poorer, I think, and minus a lot of amusing angst. Romance isn’t integral to any plot I’ve ever written, but I tend to think that even when it’s not 100% relevant, it adds a nice layer of a different kind of tension to things. And it can certainly complicate a plotline in an amusing way. One day I mean to try my hand at a story with a more central romance, just to see how bad I am at it, but that’s a ways off, the way my writing is going now.

So, more concisely: yes, I do write romantic relationships, but only in a peripheral kind of way: they kind of end up in the backseat. (*juvenile-humor snicker*) I don’t think I do too bad a job at them, though I doubt that particular area of writing could be called my strong point. And as to how “far” I’m willing to go — as far as the story requires. No story has ever suffered from a well-placed sex scene, IMO… but (yes, you knew there’d be a caveat in here somewhere, didn’t you? clever you.) it should be relevant to the story and the character’s development, or to me it just feels like entertainment without value, if that makes any sense.