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Because we sure got some snow yesterday.

Not that I’m complaining too hard: everybody likes a snow day. I’m not quite as thrilled about shoveling some 2+ feet of it off our porch (I actually had to wade around the house and shovel my way into the back deck before Her Dogginess could exit the premises; we had a drift completely blocking the back door), but that’s life in Maine.

A snow plow just went by as I was writing this and added a foot-high ridge at the end of our driveway, and that’s life in Maine too. *sigh*

One of the great pluses to a snow day –providing you don’t lose power– is having uninterrupted writing (or in my case, revising) time. So SWORD is a few steps closer to being done, and I have a new shot of confidence in it thanks to the lovely Parametric, beta extraordinaire. I’ve finally managed to get over the everything-goes-to-hell section, which is as hard to read (and edit) as ever, and I’m feeling pretty good about where the book is going. So, yay.

And now to the meme. I am going to finish this one: I’m determined.

8. What’s your favorite genre to write? To read?

Well, so far, I’ve only written fantasy (at least for book-length works), so I guess that’s it for writing. It’s tougher to say for reading: I read almost anything, and my only criteria for favorite are: great writing, great characters, great story. A lot of fantasy hits the mark, and I do read a lot of it because I write a lot of it — but you’ll find plenty of sci-fi, mainstream, horror, romance and whatever else you want to name on my shelves too.