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…You know, sort of.

So I dropped off the face of the earth for a while there, I know. I had good reason though, and not just the last of the holidays (though as we hosted Christmas this year that might have been enough): I went to California once again, met some fellow writers yet again, and had an all around awesome time, yet again.

The highlights:

Family reunion, with Amazing Niece

Writer reunion (and some incredible fondue)

and there was much rejoicing

Writer meetup (and some incredible Russian-Georgian food)

Writer reunion (and some amazing sweet potato fries)

Writer reunion take two, at a truly fabulous, totally creepy circus.

One of us was actually in the circus, and has quite a badass soprano voice. Guess who?

So, yeah. This is why I haven’t been around for a bit. My brother and my niece are great, Cindy, Debra, Deborah, and George are as wonderfully, hilariously rowdy as I’d imagined, Lisa still knows her way around publishing (and the Venice Beach boardwalk) like the pro she is, and Gretchen is her glorious, glamorous, talented self.

Next up, 30 days of writing, resumed. Just give me a moment to get over the jet lag…