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So, well, our attempt to be green didn’t go very well. ๐Ÿ˜› Not because there weren’t any living trees to choose from… but because they were all about three feet tall and a wee bit scraggly looking.

note Norfolk pine upper left!

I know, I know. Not a good enough reason: but we’ve both been picturing the traditional 8-foot tall tree in our living room pretty much since we moved in back in May, plus we’reย hosting this year and my niece and nephew aren’t likely to be impressed by a teeny Charlie Brown-type tree, so…


We made up for it by filling the house with Norfolk pines. I am assured this negates our carbon footprint.

In any case, it’s pretty, and it’s nice, after many years of apartment living, to go all-out and decorate things for the season.

Anyway. I haven’t forgotten my 30-days responsibilities in all this decorating mayhem.

6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good olโ€™ pen and paper?

As long as there’s a reasonably comfortable chair to sit in and a flat surface of some sort to put my laptop on (this includes my lap, if the chair in question is a recliner of some sort) and I have the option of drowning out any potential inhabitants in the vicinity with music — I’m comfortable anywhere.

Well. Let’s exclude extreme temperatures and imminent danger of any sort. But outside of that.

And computer, good gods, of course computer. I’ve done enough scribbling in my life, and I’m very tired of trying to read my own handwriting later on.