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So, this is our first holiday season in this house, and as such we get to host Christmas/Yule/that day where we eat a lot and give people stuff.

(Okay, okay, I generally call it Christmas. It may not be what I celebrate anymore, but it’s what pretty much my whole family celebrates. And that’s pretty much how it’s celebrated, except the star at the top of my tree has a circle around it.) So, being a good little pagan, I want to get a not-dead sort of tree.

I never knew how complicated this was.

no, my tree won't look a lot like this one

We’re getting one this Saturday, I hope, but it a) has to acclimate before it can come inside, b) can only be in the house for about 5 days, c) has to acclimate before it can be put back outside, and d) has to either be packed in snow on the back deck for the rest of the winter or has to be planted right away, and planted right away is the preference. …Which would be fine, except this is Maine, and the ground’s pretty well frozen now.

So, here’s hoping this works. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Anyway. Day 5…

Who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

Within SWORD, the youngest character is Kyali, the star of this particular show. She starts the book out at 15 (it used to be 16, but I’m rewriting this to be YA, remember) and ends it at 17 (again, used to be 20). The oldest is Annan, at 23. And ironically that’s reversed: I created Kyali first, and Annan was one of those afterthought-characters: I wove him in toward the end of the first draft to balance out a power dynamic, and somehow he ended up being way more interesting and important than I thought.