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Okay, I’m trying to be good here and focus — but the Mr. just got a scanner-type machine, and suddenly we can digitize all the old photos we have that we took way before the advent of the digital camera.

(Saying that makes me feel old. But then again, I can remember when it wasn’t possible to own a personal computer, so I guess there are worse yardsticks to use, aren’t there?)

Anyway. I AM going to answer another 30-Days question, because I am determined to be better about this meme than I was about the last one, but I just have to put this out there first:

Because this –this is awesome.

One of those kids is me (hopefully it’s not that hard to guess which). One is my cousin, who I spent pretty much every waking hour from the age of 6 to about 11 with. We spent most of this time in one tree or another. We made determined efforts to fall asleep in them from time to time. We had favorites that got names, complete escape routes, mythologies based on them, stories started around them.

Anyway, there’s a flashback to go with your morning coffee.

And now to the question:

2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

Oy. SWORD has kind of a big cast. I’m going to have to answer this in bits.

5 POV characters
3 main characters
5 major secondary characters
17 characters that show up in enough scenes that they deserve to be mentioned in this list.
Lots and lots of cannon fodder.

I’m not 100% sure what prefer means — I’m more comfortable writing female characters, I think, but 3 out of 5 POV characters in this book are male (though they do get less screen time than the girls), so take that for whatever it’s worth. I identify better with female characters; it’s easier for me to inhabit the headspace of one. But I enjoy writing male characters too, so long as I’ve done a good job fleshing them out.

See? Two questions in and I’m already waffling. I’m not very good at absolutes. πŸ™‚