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Yes, I know: I never actually reached the end of 30 days of reading. But there’s a good reason for that. In fact, there are several, the main one being that all my combining and mangling of the original questions meant that I answered most of what was left, and the other being that they were getting pretty repetitive anyway.

Plus, talk about ridiculously specific. One of the last ones was favorite kissing scene, for godsakes.

So. New meme. Probability is high that I’ll end up doing something similar, but we’ll forgive me when the time comes. Won’t we?

Question 1: Favorite writing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.

Already this is far easier to answer, as I’ve only written three books, and two were in the same universe. And it ties in nicely to my revisiapalooza, since it’s SWORD. The world is definitely based on medieval England/Wales but it’s wholly fictional: I just did a lot of research and then kind of let it inform what I was writing without dictating anything.

Sound easy? Well no, not really, but it was a lot of fun. Coming up with a logical magic system falls under the same category: I wanted it to be tied to the laws of physics in at least a general way, and I wanted it to have consequences. I also wanted it to be something my characters had to fumble their way through, and they are very much doing that. Somewhere in all this lovely research I stumbled across the concept of geas (alt. spelling geis) and all of a sudden I had a beautiful overarching concept that could carry me through three books at least.

Fun stuff.

Not the reason this is my favorite universe to work in, though. That’s because I love these characters so much (it usually comes down to that, with me, as you may have noticed). I won’t wax lyrical on why that is — you all must be fairly tired of hearing me go on about characterization and development and emotional arcs and blah blah blah — so I’ll just say see previous 100+ posts on the subject.