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I could post about the elections happening today. Gods know I’m watching.

I could post about the brand new worksheet I created last night to help me schedule what changes I’m planning to make to this MS. (Yes, really. Another one.)

But no, my 30 days of books are slowly turning into a season of books, so I’d better get my arse in gear on that. 🙂 As I warned you on Friday, I’m messing around with the questions even more, because some of them are outright impossible. Like this one:

What is your favorite female character? Male character?


Okay: my mind actually goes blank there. Every time I try to come up with one about fifty others crowd into my skull. Pick a single character? Come on. There’s Bet from RIMRUNNERS, cheerfully sleeping her way through the crew of a space ship and kicking some major ass at the same time; there’s Meguet from the CYGNET series, who can only kick ass under certain circumstances and rarely wins a fight. Phedre no Delaunay from the KUSHIEL series, who enjoys getting her ass kicked and is smart enough to outwit a roomful of Mensa-types. Harry from THE BLUE SWORD, dragged kicking and screaming into saving the world. Ammar and Rodrigo from THE LIONS OF AL RASSAN, trying not to wreck their own little worlds while they fight for the larger one.  Harry Potter. Banichi from Cherryh’s FOREIGNER series. Idrys from the FORTRESS series.

Seriously, I could go on all day.

And I can’t say there’s anything particularly unique about what I like in a character: I like flawed. I like screwed-up. I like well-rounded. I like buttons, and tics, and sore spots, and strengths buried under mounds of baggage. I don’t think this is particularly different from anybody I know.

So, what’s your favorite character?