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Day 02 – A book that you wish more people had read.

You mean other than the obvious –one of mine, that is to say? ๐Ÿ™‚

Twilight. Definitely Twilight.


*gasp* *wheeze*

Right. Anyway. This is kind of a hard one. I mean, should this be an amazing, riveting, beautiful novel by an author I think deserves more attention that she or he has gotten, or a life-changing, eye-opening work of nonfiction that made me think about something differently?

Being a writer and reader of fiction, that’s where my brain goes; being a little bit of an idealist my impulses go in the other direction. Hard, this one.

So, what the hell, I’m going to pick a book that’s sort of in between.ย  Also –hey! it turns out I actually am mentioning a challenged book here. And that book is, in case any of you missed the giant cover image, THE COLOR PURPLE, by Alice Walker.

I read it when I was 16, I think –and more than a little sheltered, being from a teensy town in the middle of one of the most rural and homogeneous states in the country. So it was eye opening, in a scary and sad kind of way, even for something written in a time period well before my own. I think it’s something everyone should read, no matter where from, how raised, or whatever else makes you more worldly than I was as a kid (which really wouldn’t take much). Because the writing is beautiful and painful, so full of misery the words ache off the page, and yet at its heart it’s a story about faith, and family, and forgiveness.

So, yeah, more people ought to read THE COLOR PURPLE.ย  Which seems silly to say –hell, it won a Pulitzer, plenty of people have read it– but it was also one of the top 100 most challenged books in 2009, and man is that depressing. I honestly believe if this one was required reading in, say, junior high or high school, there’d be a lot less intolerance and anger and general selfishness in the world. Because you can’t read this book and not want to be better than you are. You certainly can’t read it and not be grateful for what you have.

So everyone should read it.