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So, reading back, I can see that my big plan, post-plot-bunny, was to write out a few scenes, sketch up a vague outline, and move on.

And did I do this, you ask?

AHAHAHAHAHA… um, no, actually, not so much.

Instead I’ve waded several chapters deep, conceived a weird and hugely complex plot, and a trio of main characters wrapped in such a messy web of necessity and grief that I could spend at least a whole book getting it figured out. I am, in other words, in my version of heaven. All I need right now is a bottomless cup of cappuccino and a vat of pistachios, and I’m good to go.

So much for the glories of self-discipline, yes?

But whatever. I just wrote the line Murder is for innocents; work is for the rest of us, and I’m feeling inordinately pleased with myself.

(Yes, I know this will fade and I’ll go back to thinking five words out of six are full of suck, but let me enjoy  this.)

Anyway: Here I am teetering on the edge of writing a full-blown, 15+ page long outline and really having at it. Look see:








…And wonderful graphage.

Clearly I have a ways to go to get those jagged spikes to look like the wonderful plot diagram of my previous geekfest post, but it’s not a bad start, actually. The pink guy isn’t as all-over-the-damn-place as usual (that’s the plot-relevance line, if you’re wondering), and the blue guy (emotional pitch) is a bit whacked, but in a story like this I kind of expect it to be.

I’ve got smoothing out to do, but not as much as I generally brace for. Which means a) the other shoe is still hanging overhead, waiting for an opportune moment; b) it’s not fleshed out enough for the problems to be evident; or c) I’m actually getting better at this as I go.

Knowing me, it’s d) all of the above and one glass of wine too many, but I guess we’ll see. For now, yay, w00t, and other noises of enthusiasm.