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The first-scene-writing is going very well.

The outline-sketching is –well, mostly at the note-taking phase at the moment.

The moving on? Not so much. I’m still working on that, and it’s hard going.

I’m definitely at that swept-away stage right now. Every character I introduce has a background blooming around them even as I write their name for the first time; they all have thematically-significant roles; they all have amusing dialogue and important things to do. The world is taking shape around them and it’s dark, and dirty, and hopeless, and poised on the cliff’s edge. The plot is growing legs, and wings, and whatever other silly-yet-appropriate speedy metaphorical appendage you want to apply to it: it’s taking off, that is to say, and I’m on board not even trying to slow it down.

(So there. There’s enough purple in that paragraph to earn my blog title easily, no? Give me a break, I’m in the honeymoon stage here.)

So moving on isn’t really on my mind at the moment, even though I know it’s http://101reasonstostopwriting.com/demotivators/the sensible thing to do. And it is sensible. A writer may be carried off on (or summarily dropped by) the fickle winds of inspiration, wings of the muse, blah, blah –whatever you want to call it– at odd moments, but a writer hoping to get paid should probably know how to focus. And I am –god, am I ever…

I’m just not yet sure I’m focusing on the right thing.

But, whatever. Honeymoon stage. It’s a wonderful place to be, and I’m not about to mess with it, because I’m getting some pretty good writing done at the moment, and with more enthusiasm than I’ve had for it since I wrote the last, hectic scenes of WEAVE. Sense is good stuff, but for now, so is this.