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Right on time.

I have a more-or-less complete outline, three interesting chapters of scene-setting-character-establishing-catalyst-setup type stuff, one pretty plot chart in all its geeky glory, several minor epiphanies to light the way forward, and oh yes, it’s turning toward fall here in the Great White North, which means planting my feet on my heated footrest, wrapping up in a blanket, and writing, as opposed to playing in the sunshine.

So now that I’m set to go and have shed most if not all (never all) of the doubts I’ve been dragging around regarding this particular WIP, I guess it was inevitable that something would throw itself down on the tracks of my lovely, nearly-ready-to-go train, and here it is. I was sick yesterday, so I did the expected thing, and distracted myself from it by rereading a series I love, and I guess that was my mistake. All it took was one scene –one I’ve read at least ten times before, no less, because as I said, I love this series– that held a few interesting possibilities. I read this one scene, wondered what it would be like to be doing something some cannon fodder were doing in said scene, and there it was, with no warning at all.

A main character, complete with baggage, faults, quirks, a messy, tangled background, a plethora of cherished grudges, several strong attachments, a complicated world, and one big, probably-impossible goal. Sprung whole from my forehead in an unguarded moment, and now what do I do?

I got trampled by a Plot Bunny.

And not just any old plot bunny; this is no fluffy, floppy-eared friendly type rabbit that will politely wait its turn in line at the feed bin and be happy with a carrot or two. This is not premise plot bunny, of which I am generally hit by several during the course of any given WIP: this is character plot bunny, a far rarer creature, and I have never yet been able to say no to that. I’m not sure I have the willpower to now. Stories that start from characters are my strength (she said modestly) and therefore my weakness.

So I do what I always do when one of these hits me: 1) write out a first scene, maybe a few if they’re all there and hammering on the inside of my skull to be let out. 2) Write out an outline. 3) Move on.


Well. I’m in the middle of 1 and 2. We’ll see if I can pull 3 off. It’s going to be hard: one scene in and I’m already way more committed, psychologically, to this project.

Wish me luck.