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…Well, okay, not wonders, exactly, but I was going for alliteration, not sense.

It’s early, I’m short on sleep, and progress is slow but steady on the new WIP, meaning I don’t have an awful lot to say about it (or much of anything else) at the moment… so, since the work week is hitting the halfway point and I’m in one of those fuzzily sleepless good moods –admittedly rare, but possible– I think it’s time to list some wonderful things, no?

This is what’s keeping me going this morning:

1) Coffee. Is anybody surprised this is on the list? Not only does it launch you out of that half-sleep state you spent most of your shower in, a cup or so a day lowers your risk of diabetes, Parkinsons, and a few types of cancer. Rarely has a vice been so, erm, non-vice-like.

2) Her Dogginess. Because she is thrilled when I wake up in the morning. It’s oddly gratifying not to have to do much of anything for such a dramatic response.  She leaps on the bed when I show the slightest signs of consciousness and places the fluffiest toy she owns on my chest, either as a gift or a suggestion, I’m not yet sure.

3) Fall. It’s coming, which this year means the 100% humidity and 95 degree weather is cooling off. The sky’s starting to hit that deep, perfect autumn blue. The leaves are just starting to turn. Yay.

4) Toning shoes. I got a pair a few weeks ago, and you better believe they work. I plan on demonstrating this once again over lunch.

5) This. Because it’s appalling, and yet hilarious.

…And that’s all I got this early. So what are your wonderful things today?