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…what a wonderful way to go. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve been reading nonstop for the last week or two here: I can’t help it. I’ve got this wonderful stack of books to get through, and I never was much on the concept of delayed gratification, particularly not then it comes to reading material. I still have five or six books to read, which means I’ve gotten through –um, hold on– oh yes: eight.



What I’ve learned from this is:

a) John Varley is still awesome

b) Stacia Kane is one of my new favorite writers

c) Lisa Brackmann’s Rock Paper Tiger lives up to every iota of hype out there about it

d) K.A. Stewart’s A Devil in the Details is the kickass beginning to one hell ofย  a series, and

e) Guy Gavriel Kay is still my hero… and I cannot believe I haven’t read Tigana before this. Zowie.

Also, much as one might be tempted to do otherwise, it’s important to do things besides read.

In other news, the new WIP is coming along nicely, if slowly. I’m still in chapter two, but this admittedly glacial pace feels okay for now: I’m working out secondary characters, subplots, relationships, and setting –all things best done in-progress despite an outline– and it feels good, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it. So there.

Writing YA really is different, but fun: I can see now why it’s hard to pinpoint any one or few things that make a book YA (outside of the age of the MC, of course). Voice is such a hard-to-define quality, and yet it really is everything. So I’m messing around, tuning strings, getting the harmonies right, finding the pitch of this book.

Yes, that metaphor went absolutely nowhere, didn’t it, and I don’t care.

So what are you all up to on this fine Tuesday?