For seeing in me things I didn’t (and in many cases have yet to) see.

For calling me on it when I’m getting ahead of (or not getting over) myself.

For putting my happiness above your own more times than I can count.

For showing me how to do a shot of vodka properly.

For holding my hand when I cross the street, walk down the street, stand on the street, or pretty much any other time it’s possible.

For believing in me when I don’t.

For planning, endless planning.

For Russian jokes at 3am.

For random kissing spots.

For waiting when I’m not sure.

For charging full steam ahead when I am and maybe you’re not.

For having more common sense than I do.

For constantly finding new ways to surprise me.

For cooking amazing borscht.

For new, interesting and worthy ways to get sore. πŸ˜‰

For extraordinary patience in circumstances both ordinary and extraordinary.

For listening.

For talking.

For comfortable silences.

For finding a way, always, when one needed to be found.

For putting up with my music.

For making me think, whether I want to or not.

For playing guitar in your office late at night.

For sleeping beside me.

For saying my name.

For being my friend.