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…Limping and very sore, but alive. πŸ™‚

I spent the long weekend in VA working on a house a family member is planning to sell. I now know that a) pressure-treated logs buried in the ground for 20+ years are still largely solid and heavy as iron; b) using a rototiller gets harder the older you get; and c) it’s a hell of a lot hotter in Virginia than it is in Maine (and that’s saying something, because it was 94 degrees here yesterday).

Anyway. I also, being older and not in the great shape of my farmhand days of yore, pulled my hamstring– so I’ve been hobbling around like a crone, but oh well. Aside from 8-or-so hours of hard labor a day the Mr. and I got to go see the Gipsy Kings live at Wolf Trap –which is well worth the price of the flight all by itself. I wish we had something like it in Maine: sitting out on the grass with a picnic basket and some wine, with a million fireflies floating in the air and 7,000 people dancing around you is just an amazing way to see a good concert. And were they ever good: those boys can play.

And now here I am, writing on lunches again while I wait for my leg to behave.

The upside of all this is that I think I’ve finally settled on Project Four, which is not at all the one I thought it would be, but I can hardly complain. I’m only a few thousand words in, but it’s going pretty damned well so far: well enough, in fact, that my main worry at the moment (aside from the fact that I still have to outline this bastard and I’m not 100% sure what genre it’s going to end up falling into yet, that is) is that it’s starting out with such a bang that chapter two is going to have to introduce an alien spacecraft or a global plague to top it.

But whatever. There are definitely worse things to have to struggle with, yes?

…Damn, it feels so good to be working again. πŸ™‚