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Yes, this is another non-writing-related post, mainly because I just had a very non-writing-related weekend. It’s planting season up here in the Great Cold North, it was 80 degrees out yesterday, and I now have upside-down tomato plants and a superteunia hanging over my back deck, plus, after my dad came over with his pressure washer (man, are those things awesome), a newly shiny-clean back of the house, and a newly not-quite-shiny-clean charcoal grill.

I think we’re almost ready for the housewarming party. 🙂

Also, out of absolute necessity, I have a newly shorn and bathed Dogginess. She’s a little embarrassed, but nonetheless very happy to a) be cooler and b) have survived this harrowing and life-threatening experience.

As you can see, she started out a bit pissed off, then decided it was funny, and then got distracted by potential food hiding in a Kong toy.

I got this interesting sequence by putting the camera on the Sports setting, waving said toy,  and then telling her how pretty she was. That grin in the fourth pic just kills me.

Anyway. This week is a waiting week, as WEAVE is out to a few betas. I’ll polish the query letter good and shiny, and then do the same to the MS… and then I guess it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.