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Well, we survived in style: after a week of intensive packing, about 5 hours of hardcore moving, (made much harder by the fact that we were living in a second floor apartment, and much easier by the fact that five awesome friends/family came to help out), and a short break to eat borscht together, we got everything into our amazing new house.

And then the Mr. and I painted like fiends. I mean, crazy, obsessed, hey-guys-maybe-you-wanna-see-someone-about-that psychos. I had the kitchen finished by midnight on the same day we moved in, and we both got up at 6 am  and painted until midnight for the next four days. Somewhere in the middle of all that we unpacked, arranged, and I think it’s possible we might have slept a little bit.

And then, shock to nobody but us, we got sick. We seem to be largely over that now, or at least everything but the chest-rattling cough– and the docs promise that will go away in another week or two. Blargh.

So anyway, here I am in office numero eight — and this one is, well, kind of perfect. (Actually, the whole house is kind of perfect. I’ve lived a lot of places in the last ten years, and this is the first one that’s felt like mine, you know?)

I’ll get on to posting about things more writing-relevant soon enough, but this is a shameless ooh-a-shiny post.

Witness the shiny:

The house:

The (back) yard:

And, especially ooh-shiny, my very own office.

Yes, I know how lucky I am.

I’m still trying to figure out what I did to deserve this abundance of fabulous space. I’ve been feng-shuiing and rearranging and planting all sorts of things, and it’s been just awesome. Eventually I’ll rediscover my ability to focus, and I’ll start querying WEAVE and start working on project 4, which at this point looks to be a YA fantasy set in Elizabethan England.  (So far, anyway. There are too may choices, and I hop between them like a flea on crack, but this is the one calling my name the loudest so far.)

So, yeah. Yay. 🙂