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–Well, this title should probably be saved for The Great Queryfest, but I woke up this morning thinking of The Wizard of Oz, so there it is.

I had a decently productive weekend: I read three books, bathed The Dogginess (an ordeal for us both, as always, and we’ve usually reversed positions by the end, with her all shiny and sweet-smelling, and me all wet and fur-covered, but it’s well worth it)– and then I finished my revisions of WEAVE and set it free to be beaten into shape by betas.

Tough love, and all that. πŸ™‚

So here I am, at something of a loose end. I’ve been writing, or thinking about writing, or wishing I was writing, or feeling guilty for not writing, early morning, over lunch, and after work for a year now: the habit is not an easy one to let go. And that’s good, because eventually I’ll start something new. I’m already eyeing my Projects folder, which is brim-ful of goodies, some of which are already 15K in and thoroughly synopsized, spreadsheeted, and otherwise tricked out in geek bling.

But I’m still very much stuck in WEAVE, which I probably should be, since it needs to be revised again post-beta-feedback, I need to polish my query and come up with a more industry-friendly version of a synopsis, and, well, because I only stopped working on it yesterday.

Also, we’re (I hope) moving in –oh, 11 days, and it might be nice if I packed sometime between now and then.

I know I should give myself a week to recover from this schedule before I pick up something else. My brain knows this too, I think, since shiny and thrilling as all my ooh-I’ll-write-this-next! ideas looked not a month ago, none of them are holding my interest right now.

And yet. Even while I’m writing this post, which is justifiably an important kind of writing to be doing for a girl who has a web presence to maintain, I feel like I ought to be working on fiction. I feel that way at lunch. I’ll feel that way when I get home. It’s very much like that nagging sensation that you’ve forgotten to turn off the stove, only the burner is in my head.