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…yes, this is basically admitting I own shapewear. I care not. I’ve found novel-shapewear: the exact same story, but in a slimmer, prettier shape!

I am done with paper revisions, and onto typed revisions. I am also halfway through typed revisions, as of last night. This is going much more quickly than I expected, which has me paranoid I’m missing big, big things.

We’ll see. Slowing down doesn’t seem to be an option my brain left for me this time, so I’m just going to have to plow through and sort it all out when I hit THE END again.

I am down 3,000 words, which I think is probably (hopefully) a good sign. It definitely needs cutting.

So, the process:

  1. I already had a 3 paragraph query hook written (It’s on the WEAVE page, if you’re wondering) or that would have been my first task.
  2. I scrutinized my pretty color-coded spreadsheet and wrote 1-3 sentence descriptions of the main story arc and all the minor ones.
  3. I came up with a list of goals for my MC, and marked the points in the book they were either achieved or changed.
  4. I picked up my MS, and a pen.

So, it has plenty in common with One-Pass. It requires a summary and several lists, which pleases my geeky soul, and it requires a lot of time spent staring at words on paper and scribbling, which — well, also pleases my geeky soul. There is no hope for me.

I feel like it’s going pretty well, but that just means I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’ll see. The next step is betas, who will hopefully shred WEAVE into tiny bits –and if I missed big stuff, then I guess this isn’t the best method. 🙂