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It’s beautiful out there. I mean, even for Monday, which you all know I hold in poor regard. Last year we had sleet and about 25 degrees; this year we’re in the 70s, sunny, with a nice little breeze.

I am, needless to say, distracted.

Spring Chicken

And yet. And yet. 2K more this weekend, not bad for a girl with sunlight and home inspections on the brain, and I think I’ve finally got the weird plot hole looming at the very end figured out. This book is probably going to spill over my 100K goal by a few thousand, because I still have final-climax-plus-falling-action to go, but I had a nice shiny epiphany last night, and I think I have it all sorted out. I even, gasp, know where I’ll be cutting when I get a room at the Revisionland Hotel.


So, while I may not be quick about this, I guess I am somewhat organized. That’s got to count for something, right?