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Yeah, so.

5K to go. Seriously, I can barely clear my throat in 10K; I should be able to do this in a lunch hour. A rushed lunch hour. And yet.

Four scenes of climactic action, one of falling, I know what’s going to happen, I know who does what, I know who lives and who doesn’t: I even know what they’re going to say to each other. But I just can’t get it on paper in any coherent form. I’m beginning to think this book doesn’t like the ending I’m planning for it.

Or, more likely and less excuse-ful, I just have the attention span of a puppy in a roomful of shiny new shoes.


I will get there. I will. Someday.

Speaking of distraction, there is a blog contest of much awesome happening right now on the interwebs. The grand prize? A $100 Amazon gift card. What do you have to do, you ask? Why, write a rhyming query.

See what I mean? Teh awesome.