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That is,   me, not   me.

(Which is not to say I’d object greatly if you tried the latter, as Hugh Laurie is made of snorple.)

We return triumphant, having slayed the mighty 4-Bedroom-Cape in a prolonged and epic battle of great bravery and much violence, worthy to be immortalized in song for generations, that began with a single, innocuous question:

Hey, are we eligible for that tax credit?

Yes, that’s it up there. It died well. We shall honor it with paint in various shades, many area rugs, and some newly-installed gutters. No house could ask for more.

S’cuse me while I faint from exhaustion and relief.

Now that this is done, with any luck, I can find some way to squeeze some writing in between packing boxes and calming Her Dogginess, who hates moves, so I can finish this damned book. Oy.

–And speaking of the book, I was interviewed today by the amazing Gretchen McNeil over at Seanchai, her kickass blog. So if you’d like to see me make an ass of myself by trying to describe WEAVE in five stanzas of poorly written dactylic hexameter, head over and check it out.