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Oy, I totally don’t deserve any more of these!

(But of course I’ll take them, I’ll take them.)

The talented and fun Christa Carol gave me a Stylish Blogger Award, and after choking on my pistachios and then slinking around teh interwebs looking at all the bloggers more stylish than I (and oh, there are many), I decided I could do this with a straight face after all. My style is just kind of a lack of style. Which is, I suppose, a style of its own, right?

*cough*Β  I’m sure this is what Christa meant. πŸ˜‰

Now I’m supposed to list 5 fun things about myself and then inflict this meme on more people. I worked hard to come up with 5 fun things about myself –the 11 random ones kind of exhausted my store of interesting facts about myself. But here goes.

1) With enough rum and cigarette smoke, applied in amounts sufficient to both screw up my throat for days and make me forget, temporarily, thatΒ  I hate karaoke, I can sing Bobby McGee quite a bit like Janice Joplin.

2) I was a javelin-thrower (or, as we preferred to call ourselves, spear-chucker) in high school. Distance is what you want, of course, and I was somewhere around and maybe slightly above average in that regard on a good day — but I could hit anything I wanted to. Not a particularly useful talent in a track meet.

3) I walked through a minefield once, when I was 20. Not the metaphorical kind.It had nothing at all to do with bravery, and a great deal to do with stupidity, but there it is.

4) I like to blare music so loud when I’m driving that I’ve blown several sets of speakers this way over the course of my illustrious driving career. I do understand that this may mean I’m deaf by the time I hit 50.

5) I am not the most social creature on the planet by a long shot, but I love to go dancing. And lucky for me, in this middle-of-nowhere state, we have some truly incredible musicians.

There you have it. And now, for my victims….

Bryn Greenwood

Tracey Martin

Ralph Pines