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I am not awake yet. I am trying to be, though. And goddammit, it’s Friday, the end of a week from hell, and I am determined to be in a good mood throughout this day because tomorrow I can sleep in, and not run at breakneck pace from 6 am to 5 pm before collapsing in front of my computer, Viva Fidel in hand,Β  and trying to find the energy to write after all that madness.

So today, I shall list things that make this day totally worthwhile. I can then look at this post periodically when I feel like killing something.

The Friday awesomes

1) I am almost done with my book. Never mind how hard the going’s been lately, I am almost done with the third hey-this-might-even-be-publishable 100K length novel. That’s actually pretty awesome.

2) I have Monday off. Three day weekends are not to be sneezed at.

3) Her Dogginess always thinks I am awesome as long as I feedthe dogginess her and play with her. Almost-unconditional enthusiasm cannot be overrated, really. She woke me up this morning by leaping on the bed, clutching my hand in both her paws, and pressing it firmly against her forehead, because apparently I don’t pet her often enough.

4) Not only am I almost done with my book, I have four other OMGAWESOME ideas waiting to become books. I figure this can get me through the next three years at least.

5) My husband is coming home tomorrow.

6) In T-5 days and counting I am flying to California, people, where I shall drink, dance, eat fondue, and in general make merry mayhem with some fairly amazing fellow writers, and hopefully we won’t get our crazy selves arrested, but no promises.

So, people: give me your Friday awesomes.