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No, I haven’t had anything (except maybe a wee bit too much wine). This is a whinge about plot bunnies. Because you see, I didn’t get the fluffy, floppy-eared silky-furred kind that nuzzle your palm looking for carrots and leave polite little brown pellets in the corners if you don’t watch them closely. I didn’t even get a temperamental foot-thumping one that hates to be held.

I got the fraking Rabbit of Caerbannog. I want my money back.

I don’t know if it’s writing in first person, or writing such a crazed, complicated plot, or writing such headlong-stubborn characters (it’s probably all three), but getting to the end of this one is only slightly easier than tightrope-walking between skyscrapers must be. Still getting lovely EUREKA moments, and still seeing the road ahead more-or-less clearly, but every damn plot bunny is the legendary black beast of aaaarggggggghhhh and I didn’t bring my holy hand grenade.

…Okay, that’s got to be enough Python references for one post. ๐Ÿ™‚