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…well, you know, it is if you write novels.

Or I guess if you actually are clairvoyant, but since only one of these applies to me, I’m going with novel-writing.

I am, dear readers, almost at THE END, that beautiful, sunny home stretch where the birds sing, the wind blows softly, and the proverbial All Hell Breaks Loose, throwing your characters into the Big Stakes Climax and pelting them with every misbegotten plot bunny your brain came up with on the way to this point. Somewhere in here all the loose ends start becoming knots, and before you know it you’ve got an afghan.

Or something like that. I don’t know anything about knitting. Maybe I mean tapestry?

So anyway,  here I am grimly hacking my way through, adverbs and intensifiers flying every which way, and then it happens:

ZOMG! If I write this scene, then the falling action chapter will be missing one of the tie-ins that leans to potential-sequel-book! ZOMG! This moment will lead to a catastrophic revelation at the exact moment that characters A, D and F reach the life-or-death climax! ZOMG! When the hell did these two decide to get in on? ZOMG!!!

And so on.

I am my own comic book.

Nobody gets in my way like I do. So I’m going back to morning Write or Die sessions for the nonce: I may not always write useful things when I’m under threat of loud noises, blinky red screen and eventual deletion of words, but it does make the ZOMG! go away, at least for a little while.

I am finishing this book if it kills me.