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Good morning, cruel world. I’d managed to convince myself that yesterday was Wednesday, so I woke up all prepared to be one day from Friday. Alas, alas. SO I thought I’d start the day out with a random list, because I am crazy like that.

1) I am drinking espresso. This is due to necessity, as I am out of soy milk and cappuccinos made only with water pretty much suck. I am very, very awake right now. I don’t think I’ve blinked in a few minutes here. 

Yes, this is kind of what my eyes look like right now, actually, minus the spoons.

2) This is a piece of awesome. My husband got me one for Christmas, and I am a very happy camper right now. It’s a little difficult to type coherently while it’s working, but I’ve made it happen. It’s all about commitment.

3) If you haven’t run across the genius that is How To Write Badly Well, scuttle on over there right this instant. Warning: it will make you snort beverages out of your nose. Try not to drink anything while you’re reading.

–Actually, the concept is almost as brilliant as the execution: giving earnest examples of what doing it very, very wrong looks like may be more effective than giving examples of what doing it very, very right looks like. (And by doing it I mean writing: I’m not espousing bad porn here.) Gods know there have been plenty of times I read something and thought: “Okay, that’s how not to do it. Check.”

4) I am almost done with my third book. Almost. Almost almost almost.

5) Um. I have to go to work now, actually. So there is no 5.

Happy Wednesday, peoples.