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…Which is to say Yours Truly is hacking her grumbly, angsty way through the perils of BookMiddleLand, that long dark night of the novel, that valley of the shadow of the plot hole, that—

Yes, I really am trying to earn this blog title tonight, aren’t I?

It’s not my fault, I swear. I’m listening to Muse, and no music was better suited to purple in all purple’s adverby, emotive glory, than songs like Uprising and Butterflies and Hurricanes. Which is actually the roundabout way of getting to my point of the evening: I am slow, but not stuck, and I think I can thank Muse for this. Because I was stuck before I got this album. I was dreadfully, most thoroughly stuck, as I get oh, every two weeks or so. Not a big deal, except in my neurotic writer head, where every hour spent dithering over one idiotic word I’m going to delete in revisions anyway signifies The End Of The Whole Mess, and now I guess I’d better take up stamp collecting, because the well done gone dry.

God, I could have been a soap actress.

Anyway: back to Muse. Or music, I should say, specifically writing music. The Soundtrack. From what I’ve read on various forums, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and every other electronic medium we writer-types have and use, the folks who write in total silence seem to be in the minority these days. I can’t even claim I’m drowning out the noise of the world; that used to be the case, back when I thought 10,000 words was a real accomplishment –hell, these days I can’t clear my throat in under 10K– but now it’s mood-setter, and oh man, does it make a difference. I couldn’t tell you when that started to be the case for me. Once upon a time I found it impossible to write while music was playing. Then I only found it impossible to write while certain types of music were playing. (And, truth be told, I still find it hard to rub two brain cells together while country is playing. I think polka might actually give me an aneurysm.) Now –well, I can write in silence, and perhaps I ought to do so more often, so I don’t forget how, but gods, it’s almost Pavlovian how well it works. I may not write that much faster, but I feel more certain of my scenes and my character motivations, and far more confident about word choice. It’s a little astonishing, how quickly a change of song can result in a change of tone in a scene. I’ve had to choose my background music carefully, and what I’ve ended up with is a solid blend of electronica and a very (for me, anyway) fast paced story.

There’s a psychology paper in this somewhere, if I had any talent (or wit) for such things.

Artists for this WIP so far: the aforementioned Muse, Hybrid, Mythos, Crystal Method, and Moby.

So let’s hear it: have you got a preferred type of music for different WsIP?