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Well, okay, there’s actually plenty to drink around here, water and margaritas and otherwise.

And it’s not so much water as ideas.

Still with me? No?

Give me a break. I’m not awake yet, and for some ungodly reason I woke up with The Rime of the Ancient Mariner in my head.

Anyway, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed this morning. The WIP is going fairly well; 1K or more a day, which for me in the middle of a novel with a busy schedule and a crazed day job is really not at all a bad pace. I have 17K on another beloved WIP, a YA traditional fantasy,  waiting in the wings. Plus another 6K on yet another WIP, this time a contemporary fantasy, also waiting in the wings. And the outline for Crown, complete with about a million mentally-fleshed-out scenes just hanging out in my gray matter, waiting for their turn on the big blank page. The wings, they are full.  I need new wings.

Then there’s the notes on a cool premise that I jotted down 5 weeks ago when the idea fairy thwacked me upside the head in the middle of a work day.

Then there’s the notes on yet another cool premise that kicked me in the shins while I was reading the news last week.

And now, as of last night, there’s two pages of notes and a short first scene including a cool premise, a bare-bones plot, and a fairly thorough character sketch on –argh!– ANOTHER possible WIP.


Am I going to need a straight jacket? Possibly.