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I do the same thing every morning. The alarm goes off, I stumble out of bed,Β  into my slippers, and thence to the kitchen, where I make myself a mocha latte and gather the handful of vitamins I’m currently taking. While all of this is happening my computer is booting up (yes, it actually can take that long, thank you Vista).

Then I shuffle into my office, set down coffee, water, zucchini bread and vitamins, and check my email. Then Twitter. Then Facebook. In that order. On days like today I’ll spend 10 minutes or so writing a post for my blog.

Then I pull up my Hybrid: I Choose Noise playlist in Winamp, and open Write or Die. I reread the last 2 paragraphs I wrote last night, copy up the last sentence. Stretch, crack my knuckles, take three large gulps of hot latte, and go.

Boring, no?I’m yawning just reading this.

And yet if I change any of it right now, it totally throws me off. Not so much so that I don’t get my morning 1K in, but enough that I might decide it all sucks and end up deleting half or more. I am a creature of habit. And I am dreadfully superstitious about the middle of my books. Beginnings, endings, outlines, even the dreaded synopsis –I can do these any old way I want. But middles –well. Don’t mess with my routine in the middle.


So what’s your routine? Does it have to apply in certain stages, or are you far more flexible than anxious little moi?