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So if you see me wandering around looking dazed, you can blame her for this.

For those who’ve never been to her blog or website, Realm is a writer and illustrator with a really, really cool-sounding book on sub at the moment, who spends her days creating graphics for video games (and is this not the coolest day job you ever did hear of?).Β  Along with posting news about books and publishing, she interviews authors, and does an illustration of a character as part of the process.

Today, it’s me. And Kyali, my sullen, wounded carrot-top MC from SWORD, currently on sub. I gave Realm very little to go on in the way of physical description, because I am vague like that –I think in words, visuals are not a strong point for me.

Nevertheless, I swear Realm was in my head yesterday. In, you know, a non-dirty, platonic, creative sort of way. I saw her version of Kyali and did indeed miss my chair as I was going to sit down. I’m going to have to apologize to the landlord later today, I’m sure.

So head on over and take a look! I am my usual spazzy self in the interview, fair warning.