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Sure, it’s been 11 days since my actual birthday, but then again it’s been 15 days since I blogged. Bad girl. No cookie. Nonetheless here I am, trying to get back into a routine both in the WIP and here, and I need opinions, dear readers,: opinions.

Because I got a $20 gift certificate to Borders, and a $100 –yowza!– gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. O yeah. I am one lucky chickie. Bring on the books!


(yes, I may very well camp out there for a day or two.)

No, this will not necessarily benefit my WIP, at least not right away. It will probably take time away from it. I’m trying to think of a new daily schedule to remedy this, but I’m not there yet. Nevertheless, I haven’t read a new book in a while, and now I get to read LOTS.

So I know I’m getting Graceling. But I want to read more YA Fantasy and UF, and that’s all I got so far. I also want to read more good, recent epic fantasy, and more dark urban fantasy, because I’m writing these things (and because I love them, of course).I love to read (and write) heavily character-driven stuff, but I want a plot to be fleshed out and logical too. I am picky.

Any suggestions? Favorite books in these genres? Help a girl out, people.