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May you all drink and barbecue ’till you drop, and I hope somebody out there is getting some sunshine for this day. I know it’s not me.

Also, as a total and self-centered non-Independence-Day-oriented aside, you may notice that The Purple Patch looks a little different: most notably, it looks a little more purple. There’s a great new theme in the free WordPress options that I went for while I was revamping the Projects page, with awesome options that I’ve had fun playing with.

And it’s given me the opportunity to put out my very first POLL, zippidy do dah and hey ho. Because what better way to celebrate July 4th than by voting about meaningless stuff on somebody’s blog, right?

(no, I swear I haven’t started drinking yet: I woke up with that zippity song in my head. really.)

So: is the purple border too much? Tell, do, tell.