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And about time. I’ve officially given up on the notion of being a pantser: I just don’t have what it takes. I know this because I started picking away at a real outline this morning instead of doing my usual pathetic 500 words, and I already have the following:

  1. 1500 new words on outline and character goals
  2. a very clear idea of what’s happening in the next few chapters
  3. a pretty clear idea of what’s happening at the end of this book
  4. a semi-clear idea of where the next book could start (yes, I am doomed to write series, it seems)
  5. clear goals for my MC and secondaries
  6. and, finally, what was really holding me back all this time (I think, anyway): an emotional arc for my MC. I get nowhere without that. I just didn’t realize I was missing one. Apparently character arcs, for me, are connected to plot arcs. I guess that makes sense.

And I’m not even halfway done with the outline.

So, yay.

It’s a nice raining-buckets day today and I’ve read all my new-buys for the weekend, and the reviews of Transformers 2 tell me not to waste my eight bucks, so I have no excuses. I’m gong to finish this outline and geek out in Excel with a few color-coded, comment-laden plot arcs.

Her Dogginess, meanwhile, is filling in on the forward motion of the WIP itself. Which explains why there’s a new chapter about kibble, and why my cup of coffee went missing.

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