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Yes! I remembered to blog! …And I have about 15 minutes before I have to hop in the shower and go be gainfully employed, so this will be short. But hey, I’m back in the saddle, right?


Anyway. I spent a good 25 minutes this morning in that dreamy, slightly irritable half-asleep state only possible in the 9 minutes between smacking the snooze button, thinking in a fuzzy way about my current WIP, of which you got a short, violent glimpse this Tuesday. Normally I outline, obsessively. I write a 3-4 paragraph back-jacket blurb, then wander off into a 5-7 page blow-by-blow (and boy, is that ever an accurate phrase for this particular book) account. Then sometimes I get really nuts and do an Excel spreadsheet of plot arcs, all color-coded out for characters.

Yes, I am a geek. Quit looking at me like that.

Anyway. I was fuzzily thinking about this in three 9-minute increments this morning because I didn’t get any farther than the blurb for this current book: I’m a bit thrown, I suppose, because this is my very first attempt at urban fantasy, and also my first attempt in 1st person since –oh, high school. So I’m off my usual beat, but I think it’s working so far, even if I do have to fight not to wander off into the thicket of adverbs and adjectives every three sentences or so. That part’s pretty normal for me, actually: it’s just that it’s really, really noticeable, for some reason, when you’re writing in 1st person.

So here I am, virtually mapless, and you know what? I’ve got about three times the normal amount of fight scenes in this WIP as I do in any other I’ve written. I mean, wow. Dari McEacheran isn’t half as badass as Kyali, one of the MCs of SWORD and SONG, but she’s getting bloodied and giving it back a hell of a lot more often.

Which leaves me wondering: is this a normal response to not knowing where the scene is going next? I have my back-jacket blurb to refer to, in all its vague and mutable glory, but I’m writing without the road clearly laid out in front of me for the first time since I started writing things longer than 10,000 words, and I can’t really tell if it’s just that my character is prone to accidents of the fist-to-face variety (and she definitely is) that’s made this plot so full of things exploding and people hitting each other — or if this is me going “damn, what happens now? ….hm. wait! something explodes! that will move things forward!”.

When I was 11 I read a now fairly famous book that had more graphic sex in it than almost any other book I’ve read since (it was quite an education for innocent little me), and I remember thinking that the author threw in a 20-page sex scene whenever s/he got lost in the plotline, or felt like filler was needed. I’m a little worried I’m going to read this first draft and think something similar about me and explosions/fist fights.

Well. I guess this is what rewrites are for, yes?