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I came up with yet another oooohh-how-cool idea this week, and instead of filing it somewhere in my “Possible” folder (yes, I have a folder called “Possible”, in my folder called “Books”, which sits on my desktop but backs up to a computer in the living room, an external hard drive in the living room, my thumb drive, and to some remote server in NY a few times a day, because I am paranoid) –instead of jotting the concept down and moving on like a sane person, I thought what the hell and wrote out a scene.

A very cool scene, if I do say so myself.

I should have known better. I have, not one, but two projects cooking already, plus SONG is with my agent, which means I’ll be doing revisions at some point in the near future, plus if SWORD sells (oh, I hope, I hope) one day, I’ll not only have revisions on that, but deadlines, and the oft-revisited outline of CROWN will be dusted off so I can start drafting that one up.

Not to mention it’s NICE out, goddammit, and I would like to have a social life, and Her Dogginess demands walks, many long, energetic, dirty and adventurous walks.

Really, I think I have enough going on. All of which occurred to me as I started writing this latest project. It also occurred to me that eventually I will have to choose between these three darlings, because I’m just not organized enough to work on three at once yet.

*scratches head*

I’m beginning to think this may be my weird, weird brain’s newest and trickiest form of procrastination.